March against the Housing Bill 30th Jan

Assemble 12 noon at Imperial War Museum Lambeth Road SE1 6HZ

March to Cameron’s publicly funded home in Downing Street for 2pm

The Housing Bill marks the end of social housing. The Housing Bill condemns millions more to a lifetime of insecure private renting. It is a charter for estate demolitions and property speculation driving up rents and house prices.

  • The end of secure lifetime tenancies. Council tenancies will be for 2 to 5 years with no right to pass it on to your children.
  • Landlords will have access to tenant’s personal income information and if households start to earn over £40,000 (a couple on the living wage) they will be hit with a PAY-TO-STAY TAX for the difference between their social rent and the market rent – in Waterloo that would be an average of £26,000.
  •  Local authorities will be forced to sell ‘high value’ properties whenever they come vacant – what flat in London is not high value? Housing association tenants will get the right to buy, so reducing stock further.
  •  Private renters and Travellers to have reduced housing rights.
  •  Developers will have to build ‘starter homes’ for sale instead of ‘affordable’ homes for rent. Starter homes will be worth up to £450,000 and sold at a 20% discount – but only to people with enough money to get that kind of a mortgage!

Join the march, lobby your MP, spread the word and KILL THIS BILL

Info: or

To help: / 07834 828 292

2 thoughts on “March against the Housing Bill 30th Jan”

  1. See you there. I’ll be here on behalf of the 11 Million Private Renters who unfortunately outnumber those who rent from Council’s and Housing Associations combined for the first time in a generation having Doubled in a Decade due to our housing crisis. We must ensure longer tenancies and some form of rent control in the private sector like on the continent.


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